Feral Hog 50K

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**2019 UPDATE**

We really have enjoyed the past 3 years of the Feral Hog 50k and wanted to pass on our sincerest gratitude for your support in helping us to create a challenging yet rewarding event that also gives back to the community.

That is why it is bitter sweet that I must announce that our real jobs are taking us out west. We are very happy for this new opportunity to move into the high desert mountains where there are miles and miles of trails to explore but we are sad to leave behind such great people.

We will need some time to settle into our new place and real life job roles and we will not have the time nor resources to put on the Feral Hog 50k in 2019. We do hope that you enjoy the year off from the suffer and take this opportunity to go out and explore and make your own adventures!

We have made some great friends and hope to continue those friendships and plan to announce the future of the Feral Hog 50k in the fall of 2019. We hope that you will continue to support the Feral Hog 50k in the coming years.


Mary and Mike Peterson


The Feral Hog 50k is a one loop course traversing the backpack and perimeter trails of East Fork State Park. The majority of this course is on trails that were first blazed by a man training to traverse the world on foot, Steve Newman, aka the World Walker.

This course has it all! While challenging, it is still an obtainable first ultra as there will be plenty of aid stations and a generous cut-off time. The terrain will also provide a nice variety of challenges to keep you entertained. You’ll get to experience vista views, miles of well-worn paths, rolling hills, many steep short climbs, a few miles of flat terrain with uncertain soil and of course a few river/creek crossings! This is not an easy or fast course but it is well marked and full of support.

The best part, this event is that it is only ONE loop!! So, whether you are an optimist or a pessimist, once you are half way through the course you will have the same mileage to finish as you would to get back to the start if you quit, making that decision to DNF less alluring!

The post race festival will be back this year in Williamsburg!  Celebrate your accomplishment and share stories with a pint of your favorite beverage courtesy of the Old Firehouse Brewery. To help you recover some of those calories lost, a variety of tasty BBQ (for purchase, proceeds going to the local Police and Fire Department) will be available. The Old Firehouse Brewery will also have a charity pint for sale with a portion of the proceeds going to the Buckeye Trail Association. If you are worried about making a good impression on the locals, showers will be available at the campground for the racers which is conveniently located only 3 miles from the festival. For more details you can follow the event on Facebook.



 Ultrarucker SOLO option: (Click here for the Rucker Relay team option and details)

This option is for those of you who enjoy carrying heavy weights far distances rather than moving fast. Ultraruckers can take advantage of the early start option if they do not think they can complete the course in the 10 hour time limit (19:18 min pace).

Rules for the ultrarucker are simple:

  • You must carry no less than 20lbs in a pack on your back.
  • Your pack must weigh a minimum of 20lbs at anytime during the event.
  • You must check in and weigh your pack NLT 15 minutes prior to the official start (by 7:15am) or early start (6:15 am) of the event.
  • You will be required to weigh your pack at one aid station (location will be announce race morning) while on the course. If it weighs less than 20lbs, you will be disqualified.
  • You will be required to weigh your pack immediately upon crossing the finish line. If it weighs less than 20lbs you will be disqualified.
  • You must have a headlamp or other light source if starting with the early start option.

Location of Start: 

The race will start will be at a slightly different start this year but still close to the entrance of the East Fork Campgrounds. Please note if you try to enter East Fork Campground into a GPS or online map program, it will take you to the southern part of the lake. The start for this race is on the northern side of the lake.

I will make it easy for you and just use the address below then follow the signs for the race: 3697 Afton-Elklick Rd, Batavia, OH 45103


From I-275 S take exit 63 or I-275 N take exit 63B

Head East for 10ish miles on OH-32 toward Batavia, OH

Take the Half Acre Rd Exit  and turn right

At stop sign next take a left

In 200 feet turn right into East Fork State Park.

Follow the road parking approximately 2 miles on the left. DRIVE SLOW RUNNERS AND VOLUNTEERS CROSSING ROAD.

Start Time: 
Saturday, October 13th ,2018 at 0730 (Early start option 0630 and a headlamp or light source is required)


$85.00 till Midnight, August 9th, 2018

$95.00 till September 9th, 2018.

$110.00 till October 9th, 2018 (online)

Registration is now closed we are at capacity!

We cannot guarantee you a shirt if you register after September 1st, 2018.



Only one loop around East fork State park and it is 99% DIRT! This year we will run the course Counter Clockwise (North to West to South to North). The course will be marked well with signs and arrows at all major turns and pink confidence flagging every 100 meters or so (more when needed). We will also add reflective markings the first 3-4 miles for the early starters.

Course Map:

50k ish…..the average seems to be around 33.54 miles.

4000ish up and 4000ish Down.  There are no real big climbs but lots of ups and downs, some might call it a grinder.

Cut Off:

10 Hours (5:30PM)

You must reach the manned aid stations by the cut-off time or you will be pulled from the course. This means you must be able to maintain approximately a 18 minute per mile pace for the official start and approximately a 20 minute per mile pace for the early start. The aid stations are manned with volunteers from local non-profits. Be sure to check out these awesome organizations and thank them for their support and encouragement that will get you past the extra mile!

Manned Aid Station


Cut-off time

Aid Station Supported by



9:30 am

Indian Mound (Drop Bag)


11:20 am

Reisinger Rd


1:15 pm

Twin Bridges (Drop Bag)

25.1  15:00 pm

Aid Stations:

There will be 4 stocked aid stations with the usual ultra-fare, Hammer Heed, Gels, and Electrolytes and manned by wonderfully awesome volunteers. We will also provide 4 water only unmanned stations in between each of the manned aid stations and one Micro Aid station 4 miles from the end. It is highly suggested that you have some method for carrying hydration (water/electrolytes). This course is more difficult than it looks and  there is a reason we offer plenty of opportunities to refill. If you choose not to carry hydration (maybe you enjoy cramps, dnf’ing at 20 miles in or you are a camel) that is your own choice but don’t say we didn’t warn you. THERE WILL BE ABSOLUTELY NO CUPS AT THIS YEARS EVENT.

Trash receptacles are located at each aid station. PLEASE use them to dispose of your trash and NOT THE TRAIL! Anyone caught trashing the trail will be disqualified.

Drop Bags:

Drop bags are allowed for Indian Mound and Twin Bridges aid stations. The aid stations will be manned and covered so feel free to pack an extra pair of socks or shoes to change into. Aid bags need to be placed in the transport vehicle at the start and will be transported to the aid station for you. Once you have finished with your bag, move it to the “Back to Finish” area for it to be transported back to the finish periodically through out the race. All other aid bags will be brought back to the start/finish after the aid station closes at its cut-off time. Any aid bags not claimed by the end of the race will be thrown away or donated to a local charity. That does not mean leave your trash behind! It is suggested you mark your bag to make it easily identifiable. Use your bib number, name, etc.!


If you must drop you must report to one of the 4 manned aid stations or to the finish line and give your bib number to one of the volunteers. We are tracking you through every station and this is important so that we do not have to send search and rescue out for you and unnecessarily alarm your family. Plus, the aid stations remain open until every runner/rucker has past through, that means these volunteers are waiting for you, do not cut the course, drop at the aid stop if you cannot go on. The Slaughter Wagon will transport you back to the start/finish area.


The race cut off on the course will be strictly enforced.  The aid stations will close in a rolling manner with the cutoff time. If you are unable to keep the minimal pace and miss the cut off at an aid station, you may be asked to remove yourself from the race.  If you refuse to do so you will be immediately disqualified and will be on your own for all aid and support should you choose to continue.  The cut off is enforced for the safety of the participants as well as the rescue team who would need to search for those lost on the course.  DO NOT cut the course, if it is determined that any participant cuts the course they will immediately be disqualified from the race and any future Feral Adventures events.

Packet Pick-up:

Friday, October 12th, 2018 5:30pm-8:30pm
Old Fire House Brewery 237 W. Main St. Williamsburg, OH 45176 (Just 4 Miles from the campground)

Saturday, October 13th, 2018 5:45am-7:15am
Race Starting Line

Awards and Swag:

Everyone needs a challenge. With that in mind there will be an over-achievers award on-top of the “just wanna finish under cut-off” medal. If you are attempting to earn the Feral Flask the rules are simple:

  1. You must start at the official start time (7:30 am)
  2. Runners must finish in under 7:00 hours (by 2:30 pm)
  3. Ruckers must finish in 10 hours

Every finisher will earn a medal.  Special award for the top 3 male and top 3 female  50k finishers and top male and top female 50k rucker.

1st time finisher

2nd time finisher

3rd time finisher


If this will be your first 50k trail race or you would like a more structured training program please visit the Training Page. There you will find some training schedules as well as either information or links to information covering topics of nutrition, hydration, strength training or anything else that might help increase your odds of getting to the finish-line.  We will also hold 2-3 supported training runs on the course as the mileage in the training schedule increases. Also, we suggest using the Facebook page to post questions regarding all things ultra!


There is a GREAT campground at Eastfork State park!
Full Hookup – $33
Electric/Tent – $24-26
Reservations can be made online starting April 12th, 2018 by clicking here EAST FORK Camping

If camping isn’t your thing we have some discounted hotel rates only 11 miles from the start




Dr. Kristin Titko, DPM